Blogs and social media

Don’t have a lot of budget, but still eager to let readers know via our platform that:

    • your book will be published soon
    • you are writing a sequel
    • the cover of your book is super awesome
    • your new book can be pre-ordered at With love, the author
    • you have useful writing tips
    • you have great news and you simply have to share this with our visitors

Now you can let them know by writing a blog post about it on With love, the author. Note: You write and post the article yourself through the dashboard, including the placement of the images. We will read your article, publish it and share it on our social media.

What we share on social media, among other things:

– Authors who sign up for our platform. We will use the author photo that is uploaded in the author profile (through the dashboard).
– New books that were published on the website. All books are also added to our Facebook and Instagram shop.
– Author blogs.
– 3 quotes from new books (submit these by email).

Would you like to register as an author so you can write columns and / or articles for With love, the author? Please send us an email with your request to become an author blogger. You can use the contact form on the right.