Registering for an author account

As a shopping platform, With love, the author offers a great experience to readers worldwide. Because let’s be honest, nothing makes avid book fans happier than personally receiving a book from a beloved author in the mail! Authors can post their titles on the website for readers to purchase. Readers can request a signed copy for themselves or as a gift to someone else.

This platform is the ideal opportunity for indie authors to bring their books to readers’ attention, because on regular book shopping websites, the landing page only features the well-known bestsellers. With love, the author thinks it is important that especially indie authors who dedicate so much of their time to gain an audience and stand out deserve to shine on our website.

Of course, established authors who would like to sell their books in a more personal way are also more than welcome.

The benefits of registering as an author on With love, the author.

  1. Extra online store without start-up costs
  2. Only pay fees if a book is sold
  3. Extra exposure for you as an author

Can I sell books on your platforms?

We welcome indie authors, but authors who are trade-pubbed are just as welcome. We do have a few questions for you as an author, because we need to make sure there is a click between you and With love, the author. If you can answer “yes” to the questions below, we would love for you to join us.

  1. Have you written a book?
  2. Does your book have an ISBN/EAN?
  3. Can you send out books to customers within 1- 8 business days?
  4. Are you registered at your national Chamber of Commerce as a company and do you have a VAT number?
  5. Can you respond to questions from readers within 24 hours?
  6. Do you agree with our terms and conditions?

Important to know in advance

You should always read the fine print in our terms and conditions and privacy policy, but the following main points are especially important:

  1. Authors are responsible for their own collection of titles. You can only sell books with a valid ISBN/EAN.
  2. With love, the author pays out once your commission exceeds € 50.
  3. If you live in a country with a fixed book price law, you are obliged to stick to that price when selling on our platform.
  4. Authors are responsible for the product description and images that accompany their titles.

Register in a few steps

  1. To create an author account, you must first register at With love, the author. If you don’t have an account yet, create one by entering your details in the registration form below (this will only take a minute).
  2. You will receive a confirmation by email containing a link to set a password.
  3. Next, With love, the author, must confirm your request before you can log in.
  4. You will receive an email from us in which we indicate whether your account has been approved.
  5. Log onto your account at With love, the author.
  6. You can complete your profile in the dashboard, by uploading a photo of yourself, among other things.
  7. Once you have completed those steps and all information has been entered, you are ready to start selling. You can now upload your books to our site.

Registration form

Author Registration

Submit the form below to become an author on this website.

Important: This is the name visitors will see when they want to buy your books. Enter your author name. Do you also write books by using a pseudonym? Then request an account per author name. The accounts will be linked, so that you can switch easily.