About us

We are a platform dedicated to book fans and authors, where authors sell signed copies of their books to customers who are looking for a unique gift for their bookish friends – or themselves, of course!

A unique gift

Imagine the look on the face of your father or mother, sister or brother, friend or colleague when they receive a unique (birthday) gift – a signed book from their favorite author, including a personalized note! With Love, The Author offers this one-of-a-kind experience to their customers. Nothing will make a true book fan happier!

For true book lovers

Sometimes, fans of an author can’t make it to a signing session in their area and don’t have the means to travel far for the next opportunity. They have missed out on the chance to get a personally signed copy of a book and feel out of luck. In this case, With Love, The Author can help – readers can buy signed copies of their favorite authors and books on this platform and receive them right in their mailbox. What a glorious feeling that must be!

The platform

With Love, The Author was founded in order to help trade-pubbed and indie authors gain a larger audience and build a fan base. Authors do not only have the possibility to sell books – they can also blog about their writing experiences in order to connect more with fans. A lot of emerging authors struggle with finding their target audience. They don’t know how or where to start. Our platform facilitates this process by bringing authors and readers together.


One of the best things about With Love, The Author is that a large part of royalties goes directly to the author. With Love, The Author asks for a small commission for each transaction, but a part of that money also goes to charity. For every 10 books sold, we donate 1 tree to One Tree Planted.

We have selected this charity because we want to contribute to a greener planet and a healthier environment together with you. Trees take care of us in so many ways: they supply us with the oxygen we breathe, but they also make sure we can read physical copies of great books. Thanks to them, we can enjoy that special smell of new paper when we crack open a good novel and dream away while reading the story printed on the pages. This is why we need to take care of the trees in return. Forests need to be protected and new trees must be planted (so that we can keep enjoying a good book). With Love, The Author will donate to this charity in 2020. Will you help us plant more trees?